Carole Groom
San Mateo Supervisor 2014
Carole Groom
Leadership for Today!

Major Issues

An important vote in 2012 was the passage of "Measure A".

The voters of San Mateo County agreed to raise the sales tax for 10 years.

Because of your trust in us to carefully allocate this revenue, the Board has been able to address serious issues. These include:

Additional Park Rangers

Dollars for deferred maintenance of our parks

Funds to increase mental health services for our children

Funds to upgrade our aging infrastructure -- roads and a new fire station

Increased library services and reading programs

To prepare for the Affordable Care Act, I formed a committee of men and women representing business, faith, labor and not-for-profit organizations to foster outreach and education about this law. Over 100 members are now involved.

I am one of the leaders of an exciting initiative named "The Big Lift".

recommending two years of preschool for all San Mateo County children. The goal is to get our kids ready to read at the third grade level.

On The Bay Area Air Quality Board I hold an important seat making decisions about the environment that impact our health.

Other prominent boards, commissions and committees on which I serve are:

San Mateo County Library System -- while maintaining the collection of books, also sets policies on ebooks and on Internet learning

San Mateo Transportation Authority -- allocating and monitoring "Measure A" transportation funds, affecting road improvements and train and bus efficiency

  1. San Mateo County Medical Center -- considering the services we provide to the underprivileged in our community

The California Coastal Commission:

I'm honored to be the first San Mateo County elected official to be named to this prestigious body. We in San Mateo County treasure our coastline in its many aspects: the harbor, marine life and our fishing industry, open spaces, tourism and agriculture. Representing our County, and interacting with others to care for this  amazing California resource is an experience like no other.

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Major Issues
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