Carole Groom
San Mateo Supervisor 2014
Carole Groom
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To the residents of San Mateo County

It has been my honor to serve you on the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors since 2009. I really enjoy the work. I really enjoy solving tough problems.

I've been a resident of this County since 1976 and have served as an elected official for 14 years: first on the City Council of San Mateo -- twice as Mayor -- and now as a San Mateo County Supervisor.

In general, I have focused on access to healthcare, increased programs for children, economic development opportunities for the County, public safety, and preserving our County's precious environment. Please see the more detailed discussion of specific issues below.

For voters, this campaign for Supervisor is different from any we've had before. Residents can only vote for the candidate representing their district -- in my case District 2. But for me, district elections don't really change anything. I've always worked to serve all the people of San Mateo County, and will continue to do so.

When I cast a vote, when I take on a project, when I represent the people of this County in any way, I am mindful of the concerns and opinions I hear from you. I value and appreciate your support and welcome your comments on the topics that face us as a community. I look forward to opportunities to discuss your thoughts.

I'm committed and I'm engaged. San Mateo County is the very best place to live, work and raise a family. I want to keep working for you and our County to protect what we have, and expand into new and exciting potential possibilities for our residents.

Please contact me through email at or or by phone 650-483-9872